Baby Shower Candy Ideas for Favor Boxes

Baby Shower Candy Ideas for Favor Boxes – When shopping for baby shower favors I easily find really cute boxes for the favors, but they rarely include the sweets that go inside. Here are a few ideas that your guests will love. There are some really unique ideas for boys and girls, and you will be surprised by some of the personalized options!

Baby Shower Candy Ideas for Favor Boxes 

When shopping for baby shower favors I easily find really cute boxes for the favors, but they rarely include the sweets that go inside. Here are a few ideas that your guests will love. 

1. Personalized Labels for Hersey's Nuggets

There are label design options for girls and boys parties. For these you will need to purchase the Hersey's nuggets separately and apply the labels yourself. The extra work is definitely worth it!

2. Individually Wrapped Buttermints

These are a baby shower staple! They're great because they're individually wrapped so they can go inside the favor box, or displayed separately on the guests tables. You can buy them here for a girl, or boy.

3. Pacifier Shaped Candies

I love these as filler for the bottle shaped favors. They're a hit! You can get these candies here.

4. Heart Shaped Candies

These are great because they are small, cute and colorful! The blue hearts would look great mixed with some white hearts for an "It's a boy!" party, and the pink and white would look great for an "It's a girl!" party.

5. Themed Stickers for Hersey's Kisses

These stickers are so cute, and there are a bunch of different themes you can pick from. You will need to purchase the Hersey's Kisses separately and apply the stickers to them. The stickers can be used for more than just the Kisses! They're perfect for envelope seals, water bottles, baby shower games, etc.

6. Starburst Jelly Beans

Jelly Beans as a favor are great because they're easy and taste great! Many people think of Jelly Belly Jellybeans as a favor box filler, but to me Starburst Jellybeans taste much better. These are the way to go if you're using jellybeans!

7. Jordan Almonds

If you're addicted to Jordan Almonds, then these are the perfect filler! They're absolutely delicious and small enough to fit a bunch into a favor box. There are a few different colors available, pick your color here.

8. Personalized York Peppermint Patties

These may be too big to fit a lot into a favor box, but with these you could skip the box altogether. These personalized stickers are the perfect size for peppermint patties. You will have to purchase the candies separately, and put the labels on yourself. HINT: put stickers on both sides for the best result!

9. "It's A Girl" Milk Chocolate Coins

These chocolate coins are a great way to celebrate the baby and thank your guests for coming to your party. They make a great display and they're super delicious!

You can get the "It's A Girl" version here, and the "It's A Boy" version here.

10. Baby Shower Custom M&M's

This is my favorite candy filler idea for favor boxes. They speak for themselves really. Guests are always really impressed by these. They are a must have in my opinion!

You can get these in blue here, and pink here.

11. Candy Buffet

Another idea that is becoming more and more popular is to have the guests fill their own favor boxes! This is perfect because you can make a really nice display and the guests are able to pick their favorites! My sister had a "candy bar" at her wedding, and the guests loved it and raved about it.

They are fun to set up, and you can dress up the display a bit with personalized ribbons and stickers.

You can get a blue candy buffet kit here, and a pink kit here. These kits include the candy only, but you can get some glass jars, scoops and labels to complete the look here.

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